Superannuation Fine Times

Fine Times SMSFs that don’t check their advisory team’s credentials risk being penalised, writes James Frost There is so much paperwork that SMSF members and trustees have to review, it’s understandable that they sometimes don’t get the chance to cross-check the credentials of their service…

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10 Commandments of succession

1. The primary outcomes of succession planning should be certainty for all parties and improved family relationships. Use the process to improve family relationships, not to have them deteriorate. 2. Start early.  Many Australian farmers and business owners retire or semi retire after the age…

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Should we target taxes on the wealthy?

This is a story from David R. Kamerschen, Professor of Economics, University of NSW that I thought may have some application given the recent changes to superannuation. Suppose that every night, 10 men go out for dinner at La Porchetta's. The bill for all 10…

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