Understanding compromise or co-operation

This week Allan Parker delivered a one-day course on negotiation and communication in Armidale, NSW which had 43 participants with a good mix of industries including; Govt. groups, Landcare, New England businesses and farm owners. The workshop touched on the complexity of negotiations and communications within day to day business dealings, teams, and family communication. Approaching situations with an understanding between both compromise and co-operation is very important. A cooperative mindset is essential to effective negotiation as it eliminates the common win – loose or split the difference that commonly occurs.

At the end of the day, the main take home notes for the participants were: Ask questions Focus on needs Listen without internal chatter Always use positive language As noted, in The Land article (written by Matthew Cawood), Allan said “Really good communication takes place when a person’s verbal and non-verbal communication match and when the narrow focus of ‘me’ is replaced with ‘we’.”

PrincipleFocus received some great testimonials for Allan’s workshop which we would like to share. ‘Allan Parker is exceptional – none better @ what he does’ Simon Wright – Wongwibinda ‘An incredible insight into how to recognise someone else’s needs to reach a mutual arrangement. A real reminder on how to LISTEN’ Anya Salmon – Gwymac Inc Landcare Network ‘It was interesting & informative’ Sally Strelitz – Milly Hill Lamb ‘Valuable – High class – high quality & engaging’ Isobel Knight – Proa Agtive ‘As always it was a pleasure & a delight to spend the day with Allan, his enthusiasm & belief in the goodness of the human soul is infectious & energises you to get out there & put into place his processes. I think that would be about the 10th time I have sat in a workshop with Allan over the last 12 years & every time the way Allan presents adds to my existing knowledge & re-affirms the ‘stuff’ that I had forgotten’\nRichard Groom – PrincipleFocus PrincipleFocus understands the potential difficulties of communication and negotiation within the Agribusiness industry. We place enormous emphasis on helping our clients manage this often emotional and challenging task. If you would like to discuss further please contact us on 02 6885 5788. Press articles: The Land Northern Daily Leader

Written by Richard Groom, principlefocus NSW