Setting Your Business New Year Resolutions

The end of another year has rapidly passed, an event that seems to occur sooner each year and it comes with the realisation that there are many things we’d still like to accomplish. Having used the ‘silly seasons’ well-earned break to think about the future it is now time to put those plans into action and make 2016 a winner! But, before you do let’s take a look at the 10 resolutions for your business the things you need to consider: Set targets for 2016 – Your targets will provide context, focus and align your goals and help you be accountable to achieving your targets.

Give Back – Make time to give back to the community or a charity, giving you more self-worth and confidence in you and your business. Build your team – Your team is a major enabler to your business success, you need to spend 20-30% of your time nurturing, building and growing your team. Stop doing things – To ensure you achieve more in the same amount of time you will need to stop doing some things. Identify the things that you can cease, outsource, delegate or redesign, with the aim of giving more time to other goals. Physically Fit and Active – To really achieve your goals you need to be physically fit, think about your diet and activity programs. This will translate into greater energy and better energy translates into business success. Mental Fit – The power of the mind is integral for business development. Enhance your mental fitness by reading and learning more for intellect and professional development and watch less mind-numbing TV. Be Decisive – Make good, well thought through decisions and stick to them. Get your Priorities Right – What are the 3 big business priorities that you must do this year to achieve your business goals. Life Balance – You need to make time for family and friends, this is one area you should not ‘stop doing’. Support System – Identify those who support you (partner, colleague etc) and share your plan so they can help you achieve your goals. So now you have the 10 tips to help you plan and put your business strategy into action. New Year resolutions are all about taking actions and making things happen.

Remember business success is all about doing the ‘right’ things to make your business shine in 2016