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Cell Grazing Management

A farmer’s work is fairly simple: we harvest sunlight and water then turn that into lamb, beef, wool or crops.

However, improving the productivity of agricultural land - and through that improving returns - is an aspect of farming that requires ongoing attention. While the basic principles of effective farm management stay the same, best practice and technology are constantly evolving.

This workshop gives you the key principles to ensure that you maximise the potential of your ecology, while creating healthy people, livestock, crops, soils and businesses.

  • Work with natural ecological practices to reduce costs and improve productivity
  • Learn how to redesign your grazing management to increase profits and improve sustainability
  • Understand the principles of holistic farm management
  • Visit a local property that is using cell grazing management principles

“I’m so excited to have the skills to plan, monitor and manage gazing. I’m sure this will totally transform our business.”