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Allan Parker Workshop

Family Business Conference 19-20 July 2017 @Lazy River Estate Dubbo

The next step in the process … liberating family businesses and families

The two most talked about dynamics in the world of business are creating productive change and leading people easily and collaboratively through that change.  The critical skills and success factors in change and leadership are constructive negotiations and considered conversations driven by new thought processes

How skillfully we negotiate and create considered conversations is the number one success factor in the shifting from leadership to partnership.

Day 1 – Family & Family Business Conversations and Strategies (19 July 2017)

Develop people’s thinking, emotional adaptability and cleverly considered decision making whilst building new skills to creating better family and business interactions that result in success for all.


  •  Family conversations that invite and stimulate richer thinking that leads to better business communication
  •  Family Business Success Activities
  •  Developing and living by a family constitution (where everyone decides how we operate
    • The Family Council and the Family Constitution
  •  Establish a process that produces business and strategic plans that are in touch with reality and sparks new ways of operating and doing business

Day 2 – Family Business Succession Planning   (19-20 July 2017) 

Succession planning – having people ready to do their next job, take on their next level of responsibility, and be ready to step into a new role in family and/or business at the time require A planning and implementation process – make succession a smooth, aligned adventure, developing family members to their next position before its ready.


  •  The 10 commandments of succession planning
  •  Family Business and Strategic Planning to incorporate succession into day to day business as usual
    • The Family Council and the Family Constitution
  •  Establishing a set of skills and behaviours as an insurance policy to achieve success in all the conversations and negotiations required to achieve the above